We are building the sustainability platform of the future!

The Problem

Company leaders rarely have enough high-quality information to make truly sustainable decisions on behalf of their organization.

“Green” strategies are often developed in response to government incentives, but these sustainability initiatives are rarely implemented on a meaningful scale.

Most corporate leaders agree with these statements.


of corporate decision makers believe that an increase of future-proof database and analytics systems is necessary to make sustainability efforts successful. *

* Analysis by Accenture from 2021

Our Process

Step 1

Data Entry

Provide us with relevant data on your internal processes by answering our questionnaires and by providing some KPIs!

Step 2

Report Creation

We analyze the data you provided using our custom large language model and generate an ESG report for your organization!

Step 3

Get a Score

The IDOONA Scoring Algorithm sorts your data and calculates a score for your company by comparing it to real values.

Step 4

Data Overview

We display your data on immersive dashboards with the goals of enabling sustainable decisions and providing context to you.

Use Cases

Holistic Sustainability

Use IDOONA to track the sustainability of your business operations over time!

Provide your data regularly and receive detailed progress reports, automated improvement ideas, and relevant context regarding your statistics.


Use IDOONA to make your business truly carbon neutral or even carbon negative!

Enter your carbon emissions and learn about proven process optimizations as well as the true impact of your offsetting practices.

Save Money

Use IDOONA to cut your costs and increase your profit margins!

Describe your processes and receive automated ideas for cost reduction as well as early warnings about your compliance obligations.

Our Core Features

Holistic Analyses

We analyze all aspects of your business to provide you with a holistic image of your organization!

Real Market Data

We use real data from your industry as well as your region to provide you with meaningful context!

Gamified Data Entry

We gamified the data entry process to ensure that your quarterly reports will be engaging!

Smart Optimization

You receive automated quests that help you implement more sustainable practices!

Custom Dashboards

We display your data in immersive dashboards that you can customize to your needs!

Connect to BI Tools

Connect to the APIs of your business intelligence software to save time!

Earn Rewards

Improve your score and receive rewards for your teams, such as discounts & special deals!

Add Your Team

Add colleagues to work on your score together and manage your team without any effort!

Get Certified

Get certified by IDOONA and use your score to show how sustainable your organization is!

Add Certifications

Add your existing certifications to your profile to provide a complete image of your efforts!

Improve Scores

Improve your score over time and get rewards for becoming more sustainable each quarter!

Avoid Penalties

Make sure that you are compliant with official regulations and avoid hefty penalties!

Our Roadmap

2022 & 2023

Create the Investment Materials, Finalize the Financial Documents & Complete the Incorporation Process
DONE 100%
Complete the Technical Concept, Data Structure & Process Descriptions
DONE 100%
Finalize Brand Creation & Launch the Website
DONE 100%
Finalize the Front-End Design & Create a Wireframe Prototype
DONE 100%
Develop the First Functional Prototype
Complete the Pre-Launch Development Team


Develop Large Language Model for Report Generation
Complete the Pre-Seed Funding Round
Establish the Marketing & Social Media Channels
Hire the Rest of the Launch Team
Finalize the Market Launch
Enable the Final Scoring Algorithm


Complete the Seed Funding Round
Implement the Affiliate Partnerships Platform
Achieve Profitability
Sign Partners for Audit Certifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform is currently being developed and not ready for client demonstrations yet. If you are interested in trying out IDOONA once it is ready, please use one of the options below to get in touch with us!

The ecosystems of our planet are on the brink of collapse and the only way to keep this collapse from happening is to move towards a more sustainable future. This means that everyone has to play their part in improving the systems that are currently in place.

Beyond the moral obligation, however, governments around the world are also starting to implement more and more regulations that are aimed at pushing companies towards more sustainable processes. By starting to track your sustainability efforts now, you can get ahead of the curve and avoid paying for fines or unnecessary offsets later!

IDOONA has the goal of tracking all sustainability aspects that are relevant for your business. This means that our score will not only be based on your carbon emissions, but that it will also integrate waste management, water usage, and other important criteria.

Additionally, we will provide you with automated improvement ideas that are targeted towards improving the sustainability of your operations!

We are currently planning to launch the first version of our platform in Q1 2024 and continuously improve it from then on.

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We are developing the sustainability platform of the future!

IDOONA is a tracking platform for organizations that provides corporate leaders with a holistic overview of their operations’ sustainability. Our platform uses gamification principles to encourage users to provide as much data as possible and provides automated optimization ideas that users can implement in their organization.


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